Friday, 25 March 2011

Exercise: Symbols

In this exercise we are asked to think about symbols to subjects that are given to us that could be used for illustration.


A sapling, especially a new oak tree with only two of 4 leaves, signifiying the start of something small that will grow very large over time.

A graphical image showing ups and downs (with an upward trend) this could be superimposed on to a image such as a worker or industry.


Images on a market stall with sweets, brightly coloured and sweeping away with many many varieties.

A picture of an overweight or obese person walking with the body only.


A broken window, graffiti on a wall or building. An image of a gun with a wad of money


 An image of someone holding a finger to their mouth. An image of the Cenotaph on 11/11 or an image of a graveyard with sweeping gravestones, especially of the same type as seen in war graveyards.


A contrasting image of stacks of coins and notes vs. buttons. Another of cake and rice. An image of an African child from one of the poorest nations in the world.  A beggar on the streets on London, or sleeping rough. Could even be extended to Poverty of Spirit an image of a sinner in remorse.

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