Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Exercise: Narrative picture essay

This project requires us to photograph an event in a narrative picture essay. The pictures should form a story and with interest between images along with a short caption for each image.

I chose my son's birthday treat to a woodland activity of climbing through trees and descending on zip wires.

Greeted by a large wooden monkey on arrival makes you wonder are we moving up or down the evolutionary scale?

Safety is the order of the day with double, if not triple fail safes.

Climbing on scramble nets and ladders up to 50 feet above the ground

Crossing between trees along thin beams requires a steady balance

 Having to squeeze through narrow obstacles 40 ft in the air to reach the next base.

Making it look easy, walking on rings was one of the hardest obstacles

One of the longest zip wires from the ground joining up two individual woodlands

Making the first decent, look mom no hands

Its not just for kids, well not just the younger ones!

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