Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Assignment 5 Complete

I can't believe I have finished, it has taken me15 months, though I have had a short break. I have found this course extremely useful and would recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their photographic technique. I will make my final posts once I receive my last feedback and then on to assessment.

I will now sign up for the next OCA course.....

Digital Photographic Practice

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Exercise: Rain

In this exercise we are tasked with creating an image for use as a front cover for a magazine on the subject of rain. The viewer should be in no doubt of the subject of the image and we were to be as imaginative as possible.

I tried to take various shots on a rainy day but they were not very pleasing. I had ideas for perhaps the feet of a small child with brightly coloured boots stamping or splashing in a puddle, but again that did not work too well.

So I decided to create an image based on some of the areas learnt so far in this course and then created my own rain. The following image was created on an overcast day, I focused on the foreground and locked off the focus with the camera on a tripod. I also tried to get the frame into some form of thirds with the yellow daffodil acting as a point of focus.

I then experimented with shutter speed whilst emptying the contents of a watering can out between the camera and flowers with a cable release, the ideal speed was around 1/300 second, adjusting the ISO and f-stop. This then resulted in the following shot to complete the exercise.