Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Exercise: Shiny Surfaces

In this exercise we are tasked with photographing an object with a high reflectance against a plain background. I chose a decorative apple made of glass with a silver inner. All photographs are taken off the tripod and the light moved around to see the varying effects. The first photograph taken shows how bad the reflections are in the image.Looking closely, all of the objects around the room, including the camera are visible and the light has ugly reflections.

The remaining images were taken with a cone of greaseproof paper around the camera lens looking down on to the apple with the apple at the bottom of the cone. The first image was a test, as the paper was a yellow / brown colour it has changed the overall colour which I like a lot, one to remember as a great light filter. It does already show how much of the ugly distractions in the reflections have been removed, amazing!

In the remaining images I adjusted the temperature in RAW so that they reflect the real image. My favourite of the exercise is the one below, I like this one as the light is falling on the leaf looks best and the reflections are more interesting, this was taken with the flash to the right of the shot. A vast improvement to the original.

The remaining shots are taken moving the lamp around each time, I have also noticed a nice blue light in the reflections, this is probably due to the lowering of the temperature during conversion.

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