Friday, 21 January 2011

Exercise: Outdoors at Night

This exercise involves exploring various lighting effects at nigh time. The aim is to take around 12 or more photographs including floodlit buildings, store fronts, interiors and a busy road with moving traffic.

I took some of the shots in London and some in a local town. The first two are on opposite sides of the Thames, I like the reflections in the water, but really like the warm lighting on the south side in the second image.

Unfortunately I did not have my tripod for the moving shots of traffic, so I just balanced the camera on the bridge to steady it, the exposure was too short to get a stream of lights but I still like the movement here and the lighting works well.

Here is one I took with a tripod in Paris with a much longer exposure.

The following are some shots of store fronts, I took these outside so that the lighting effect would be stronger. The first two I chose because of their strong colour.

I really like this shot of a bright carousel taken at dusk with the images of people silhouetted, shame it is a bit messy with the benches but shows the possibilities of night light.

The final two images were taken on my way back to the car, the first a view was greatly warmed up by the artificial light of the shops, and the last taken at night in the car park with fluorescent lights. I changed the WB to the correct setting but really like the shadows cast, the blue car in the back ground is the one I focussed on as it is the one that the eye is drawn to, almost as if colour popped.

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