Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mary McCartney - From Where I Stand

This module of the course has taken me a while for various reasons, but I have also taken time out to indulge myself in photography elsewhere. I have commented on the 'Photographer' that accompanied this course, the work of Brian Duffy and  Gregory Crewdson.

When I bumped into Mary McCartney's book 'From Where I Stand' I instantly took a shine to her images. Mary is the eldest daughter of Sir Paul and was the baby inside Paul McCartney's jacket on his' first solo album cover, a picture taken by Mary's mother, Linda, herself an accomplished photographer. 

Mary certainly has had plenty of opportunity to take images travelling with her parents and later in life with her successful fashion designer sister Stella. However I do not want to distract form the fact that some of these images are superb. Mary is a minimalist photographer using natural lighting  and standard equipment which leads us all to the possibility of publishing such as book. The images are varied from landscapes, still life, but mostly of portraits, some candid.

There are many taken of performers of the Royal Opera House, behind the scenes, which are fascinating. A truly magnificent image of Morresy which is too large for me to scan in,  as is a very touching and sympathetic image of Marianne Faithful. Each image seems to tell a story, they are not snaps but a collection of photographers that have a meaning. The following is an excellent example and great image. [ The line on the left is from my scanner]

Having Kate Moss as a model / friend must be useful and there are a few of her in this book but I love the lighting and colour of this one, the red dress works so well.

I will try and expand on this post as I feel I have not done Mary the credit she deserves, I love this collection for its simplicity yet fantastic artistic form.  A must read ISBN 978-0-500-54392-4

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