Saturday, 8 January 2011

Exercise: Variety with a Low Sun

For this exercise we are to demonstarte taking images in low sun, I chose around 4 pm on a winters day and my subject was a statue of Sir Arther Conon-Doyle.

We were to take four images demonstarting frontal, side,back and edge lighting. I took many images on the day and have selected these as the best. Some were hard to take as it meant shooting towards the sun but the overall effects seem to have captured the exercise.

The first shot is is frontal lighting with the sun behind the camera shining directly onto the subject. Here the image is evenly lit.


The next image is from the side with the sun to my left. This is my favourite of the four images as the shadows cast seem to complement the face of the statue.

The next image was back lighting in which I shot towards the sun, this was the harder one to obtain without the sun blowing out everything. This image is rather flat as it is entirely in the shadow with no light at all, not great for a portrait.

The last image is supposed to show edge lighting, this is where the subject is largely in shade but the sun lighting  the subjects outline to give a halo effect, this is very becoming and interesting for portrait shots. This is a similar shot to the last one but I have tried to capture more light on the edge of his head.

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