Saturday, 22 January 2011

Exercise: Softening the Light

This exercise explores the differences in softening artificial light. I am lucky enough to already have some studio lighting, budget Interfit, and I must say I am really pleased with it. The quality of images obtained from this lighting set is brilliant and I always enjoy using it.

The first image is taken using a mains powered flash light with the lamp more of less overhead and slightly to one side with the diffuser removed. This image was taken at f13 1/250 sec.

The image looks well lit and quite even, but it is not until it is compared to the same image and the light fitted with a diffuser that subtle differences can be seen, especially within the cage. These images were taken at f8 1/250, clearly the diffuser is absorbing a lot of the light yet distributing it more evenly.

To show this more I have also taken a two shots with and without the diffuser but closer up within the cage. Here it is clearer that the shadows are much harsher without the diffuser and that the light is not as even. Also there is a purple'ish tinge to the second image with the diffuser, I suspect this is light that has been bounced or reflected from the material this still life was set on. All in all I think that the diffused image is a better version showing better lighting and colour and a lot more detail of the elephant.

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