Friday, 7 January 2011

Exercise: Judging colour temperature 2

This exercise is very similar to that of the last. The only addition was to take 3 images of each scene in sunlight, shade and low sun. We are then to compare the images and make comments on which we prefer.

The first set was taken in the mid day sun in sunlight, the first with AWB, then sunlight and then shade.


Whilst I like the additional warmth of the image with the shade setting I think the best likeness is that taken with the day light setting.

For the images taken in the shade they are again shown as AWB, Daylight and then shade.

In the shady case I much prefer the AWB image, it seems to have added a nice amount of warmth compared with too much as in the shady white balance exposure. The daylight image as in the previous set has an unnatural blue tint which does not suit skin tones.

The final 3 images are taken at low sunlight and agin are shown AWB, sunlight and shade White Balance settings.

Here I have to prefer the shaded setting, it brings out a lot more of the glowing low sun and gives a much more pleasing image.The other two are very similar and although they show a good likeness they lack the warmth of the final image.

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