Sunday, 9 January 2011

Exercise: Cloudy weather and Rain

This was an interesting exercise in which we are to take the same scene twice one in cloud and one in sunlight, both with the camera set to 'sunlight' White Balance. We are then to comment on the photographs in relation to the difference in light and colour.

We are then asked to take several images under cloud to demonstrate how the light has been diffused. And finally, we are to take a couple of images on rainy days to show that even rainy photographs can be creative.

The first two images are of a street scene taken in cloud and then the following day in sunlight. Both images were taken as 1SO 320 and 1/90 of second. However the first thing that is noticed is the available light, the first of cloudy image was metered at f5.6 whilst the sunny shot was taken at f16, quite a jump.

To me it is clear the sunlight image has a greater depth and contrast, whereas the cloudy image is a lot flatter. With that said I do find that the large shadow cast by the hedge too dark and distracting from the image, it also has lost all of the detail from the hedge.

The cloudy shot is most definitely 'bluer' in its overall colour cast as the camera compensates for what should be a blue sky. This is most noticeable in the colour of the tarmac on the road.

Another example is the two following shots of an old farm building taken on a cloudy day at f4 1/125 ISO 320, and in sunlight at f13 1/90 ISO 250, not a direct comparison but obviously  considerably more light at f13.

In these images I think that the sunshine works much better that the cloud. Firstly the blue sky gives a much better background than the dull grey clouds, and secondly I think that the contrast and shadows on the building adds interest compared to the rather 'flat' image taken in cloud.

The next three images were taken under diffused light (cloud). I think all three here work well with a good even lighting. The colour of the berries is even with no shadows and quite intense due to the low light. If taken under sunlight I think there would have been too many shadows with too much detailed being lost.

Finally, it was fun in the rain, the first image shows more the wind blowing in a puddle of water creating some effective ripples, in fact the wind was very strong that day it is almost impossible to see the falling rain.

The next three shots are self explanatory showing a rainy scene, and finally I took that last shot just after the rain had finished when the sun came out to capture the water droplets on some autumn leaves.

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