Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Moving On

Section 3 'Colours' seemed to be quite easy and quick for me and I can now concentrate on the Assessment and getting back on track with the course. I have a few ideas for the Assessment but have just realised that it is 16 images, a lot more that previous assessments.

Jesse, my tutor, has also asked me to look at others' work and gave me a couple of artists to look at. After some minor researching I was immediately drawn to Gregory Crewdson and his book Beneath the Roses.
Beneath the Roses

I have gone through different phases when looking at this work from .....'Is it real, how did he do that.....' to 'Ok now I have some idea but I will never be able to create anything like this ......' to ' .... just thinking and admiring'

There is a great interview of Crewson on You Tube see link below.

For a photographer that doesn't press the shutter he is simple unique. Yes he has a huge crew, with the best in lighting and imagery and post production but the thoughts and ideas come from one man and transforming what is in his head to almost unreal images is fantastic. Taking over complete streets or even towns in the US or even creating sets specifically for one photograph he produces truly artistic photographs.

He describes his work as a still from a movie, with an obvious styling of the 1950 - 1970 era of small town America. This is mainly denoted in the cars used in the streets, signage and props in the sets that are created.

For me the admiration is in the interest that each picture draws the viewer to. The lighting is quite remarkable, most of the shots are taken in dimly lit areas but brought to life with very precise lighting to emphasise what he wants you to concentrate on.

I cannot scan the images as the book is too big but the quality is amazing, I will certainly buy another once I have digested this one....... but it might take a while. I wonder if he needs a gofor?

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