Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Exercise: Colour Relationships

In this exercise we are asked to explore the relationship between primary and secondary colours by taking photographic images of a primary colour and its opposite secondary colour in the following ratios:

RED/GREEN [  1:1  ]
ORANGE/BLUE [  1:2  ]

We are then invited to take an additional three or four images of colour combinations that we like and make comments.

The first image was taken directly above a red flower. I used a shallow depth of field to blur out the background foliage to concentrate on the flower and give a more even green background, approximately in the 1:1 ratios

The second image was a bit of a find along Brighton Sea front (in fact I found two). I cropped the image a little tighter which probably reduced the ratio of 1:2 in favour of orange but think that the image works well.

The final image again was of a flower that I found had bright yellow centre and a fringe of violet. This was my least favourite of the images and the one I struggled with. I already have an idea for a still life that I will probably keep for the Assessment.

For my final 3 images I chose colours that seemed to complement each other. The first was of bright violet flowers in a pink clay bed. I think that the two colours warm up the image nicely, it was also take late in the evening when the sun was low which also added some warm to the image 

My next image was taken of a pair of brightly colour flip flops. The purple and orange are completely contrasting and I like the ratios as the orange is far heavier that the purple as there is less of it the balance seems to work.

For my final image I again showed colours that are around a third apart on the colour wheel, in this case blue and yellow. Again I like the proportions of the colours and think that they contrast well.

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