Sunday, 22 August 2010

Exercise: Rhythm & Pattern

I found this exercise interesting and something I had considered before but with no real thought. Now that I understand the concepts I will look for more types of these shots as I find them very interesting.

For this exercise we are two produce an image for a pattern and rhythm. Rhythm having that optical beat that the eye would follow through an image.

For rhythm I chose  a number of interesting slippers hanging off a wall. I guess this could also be described as a pattern, however I find that the eye does follow the slippers around. Also the notes indicate that a pattern should not have depth of field for which this image does, concentrating the viewer on the in-focussed slippers.

My second image, representing pattern, was of a penny fall in an amusement arcade. This is quite a messy image and I could have cropped it closer just to the coins but I decided I wanted to keep it as is representing one section of the machine.

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