Monday, 30 August 2010

Exercise: Primary Colours

In this exercise we are asked to take 6 images, 3 of which are dominated by the primary colours ( red, blue & yellow) and 3 dominated by the secondary colours (violet, green and orange). Furthermore each photo is to be taken with auto bracketing for -0.5 stops and + 0.5 stops as well as the metered value of 0 stops. To make this more palatable for blogger I have split this exercise into two for primary and secondary colours

We are then to take the exposure that matches the primary / secondary colour that is shown  on our colour chart on page 87 of the course notes.

My normal camera set up is to have a non-default of zero compensation for contrast and saturation, I normally then add this during the raw conversion as required. For this exercise I chose not to change any of the default raw settings giving an 'as shot' version of the colours i.e. with no boost to contrast or saturation.

Primary Colours


For the first exposure I was not sure which one really captured the red on the circle, it certainly was not the over exposed shot, not much in it but if I were to choose then it would be the one taken at -0.5 stop, slightly under exposured.


Blue definitely looks more intense under exposed and I have no reserves on choosing the under exposed shot here.


The final colour of this exercise is yellow, again I took advantage of a brightly coloured flower. In this the final example, I have to plump for the over exposed  image. The yellow in the book and the yellow of this flower are both bright and vibrant and this is the closest match by a mile, so for the final image I would choose over-exposed.

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