Sunday, 29 August 2010

Exercise: Control the strength of a colour

This is the first exercise of the section on 'Colours'. This was one of the sections that drew me towards this course and I am pleased I am now starting it.

In this exercise we are invited to explore the effects of colour by controlling or manually adjusting the exposure. We are asked to take 5 photos of the same image by varying exposures, these range from the metered value to +0.5 stops and +1 stop and - 0.5 stops and - stop. I took five images of a brightly coloured kitchen cleaning product trying the fill the frame as much as possible. 

The first image was taken at -1 stop off the metered value at an aperture of 4.0, the exposures are then increased  by 0.5 a stop each time giving he range of 4.0,4.5,5.6,6.3 and 8.0, the metered value being 5.6.

Obviously the less light that is reflected from the object on to the cameras sensor will will means that its brightness is lower, but we are asked to comment on how this affects the 'colour'. It can clearly be seen that the over exposed images (lower aperture) do not have the same level of richness or intensity of the image at the standard metering, and those images that are under exposed (higher aperture settings) have a much more intense appearance, giving a more saturated or richer feel to them, this is maybe more evident in the red rather than the orange parts of the image.

I therefore feel that this exercise is demonstrating to us that we can control the level of saturation of colour in an image by under-exposing the shot. Of course this can also be done post processing of the image, but I think that the same level of moodiness would be lost, therefore quite an interesting concept that I was unaware of until now.

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