Sunday, 22 August 2010

Assignment 2 Complete with Feedback

I took too long in getting the second assignment completed. I found this section harder than the first  and I had less time but overall I am pleased with the results and my tutors comments. I must however think more of what the image is saying and be more descriptive on the narrative.

I have learnt a lot from this section - to be honest I think that all of it was new to me and I will try and employ the techniques used here for the rest of this course, it is now just a question of automating the processes....

I have also published the Assignment at should anyone wish to view these. I will also try and get the Assignment 1 images up there as well.

I have already started taking photos for the next section 'Colours' this looks a lot more intuitive to me and I already understand many of the concepts - so here's to getting this one finished earlier.....

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