Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Exercise: Implied Lines

This exercise takes several parts but all of them are concerned with lines within images that lead the viewer to look at various elements within the image; these are the implied lines.

First we are asked to analyse the following images and show where the implied lines are. I have shown this in the second image with blue markings.

In the first image I think the obvious sweeping curved line is that of the matadors cape, a less obvious one is the movement of the bull. In the second shot however I feel that there are a lot more and stronger lines. There is the circular movement of the horses and  the eye lines of both the trainer and the main horse; even though the horse appears not to be looking at anything in shot my eye is still lead away! Great shot.

We are then asked to analyse three of our our images in a similar way.

The first two of which were taken on a rather long walk extending over several days. The first shows a line of the path that we are following, it is not distinct enough to be a curve but I think that it is more implied.

The second image shows an eye-line implied by the second walker looking at the first.

And the final image shows some implied lines of movement of the traffic in Paris sweeping away to the right.
To finish off the exercise we are asked to take two photographs, one showing an implied eye line and the second showing an extension of a line or lines that point.

The eye line shot is almost a double one in which the wife seems to be looking at her husband who in turn is looking at the cricket. I really like this one!

The second has an implied line which is the fascia board of this building leading the eye to the Seagull on top.

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