Monday, 26 July 2010

Exercise: Curves

In this exercise we are asked to take four images demonstrating curves. Curves are thought to be like 'wobbly' diagonals leading the eye perhaps not in a direct line but in the same direction in a roundabout way.

My first image shows some strong curves within an atrium of an office block. I felt that both the railings and the white lines between floors lead the eye round to the left.

The second image is that of a garden and shows a sweeping boarder that th eye naturally follows, a bit of a boring shot but demonstrates a curve!

My third image shows the curves of the tree line but I also selected this (and noticed it at the time of taking the shot) because of the reflection in the water doubling up on the curve elements. I think this works well and the two people give the image scale.

The final image has lots of curves in a single line which I think is quite pleasing on the eye and certainly gives the image some interest when following it.

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