Thursday, 3 June 2010

I read on

After reading on from the previous post I was horrified to see that one of the example images was almost an exact replica of my shot with the path leading upwards.

Honest gov, I didn't cheat.

Exercise: Horizontal & Vertical Lines

For this exercise we are asked to find natural straight lines within photographs, four with vertical lines and four horizontal lines. Interestingly enough we are asked not to read on until this exercise is completed!

Lines can either be by direct contrast or by implication I have tried to show both in this exercise.

The first of the horizontals shows a series of lines formed by the steps, quite simple really.

The first of the verticals is a wind chime, this shows both horizontal and vertical lines but the vertical lines are those that the viewer is drawn to first.

The next image shows a horizontal band of soldiers, although this is not a thin line, given the contrasting background I think this does demonstrate a line.

The next image is a mixture of lines and I am not convinced about the vertical chimney, but I have included it for reflection later on, when hopefully I understand more.

This image was taken from the first batch of this section. It was not required for exercise one but when I saw the view I had to take it, little did I know it would come in handy. The vertical lines of this image show depth and as if it actually leads somewhere, I think being off centre also helps.

This close-up of a guitar has many lines, but the main ones are the three thickest strings which lead vertically up the image, I think this is where the eye is led.

Finally for my last two horizontal lines, I tried to use implied lines, the first is taken at a train station and shows commuters staring at the electronic notice boards seen as a line / band of light. The second was taken underground and shows a very neat line of yellow safety helmets I like this one as an implied line.