Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Exercise: Multiple Points

For this exercise we were to create a still life photograph of 6 or more objects in a series of 6 photographs as the still image is built up. This was my first attempt at a still life in this way.

I took an old towel that was covered in hair dye which proved to be a useful backdrop and added my items which I found around the house. One minor mistake I made was having too many circular shaped objects - must be a fen shui thing in our house.
The final diagram illustrates the shapes in the final image and any references or implied lines between the objects.

I like the way in which the image builds, even from the first one that I guess is a classic single point. The final image is interesting and the eye flitters from on object to the next. I also think that the bottom three circular objects also form an implied triangle which may be the reason they have the greatest presence in the overall shot.

Finally we are asked to sketch the objects shapes and any implied lines, here is my thoughts. A couple of implied triangles at the top, lots of circles and some lines connecting some of the smaller points of the picture such as the medal hanging off the watch chain. The heart certainly does not seem to be joined to any other part of the image, something to watch out for!