Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Exercise: The relationship between points

This exercise continues to explore points in an image but this time for two points. The relationship between points is the key to this type of image, this could be in terms of size, distance and how the eye moves between the two and is perhaps drawn to one point in particular. 

I found this exercise a lot harder to find such compositions, the first goes back to my pill boxes. As I said in my previous post there were lots of them, so I lined up one in the background for my first image.

I think this works better with two pill boxes than one. The tree line also interferes a little but it is much more obvious in this picture that there is depth between the two and the space is also demonstrated.

Not sure where I was going with this one, I was walking across a field to look at what I thought may have been an opportunity and when walking over a mass of dandelions I thought of the two points. They certainly are that and I tried to pick one bigger than the other, but what a boring shot. It may have been better if I got down real low with a wider aperture. But with that said I think the eye is drawn between the two flowers with more emphasis on the larger one.

My final shot is around the two natural points we all have, our eyes. The notes referred to this type of shot so I gave it a go with a large zoom lens. This is the best of my images for this exercise, personally I am flicking between both eyes, which I guess results in the image being unresolved but it does work, the left eye is also in less shadow and is more in focus than the right which gives it a slight lead. 

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