Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Exercise: Positioning a point

This exercise starts to explore points in an image. A point being a focal point, generally on an even or plain background.

We are asked to take three photograph of a point placed in different positions in the frame and to comment on them. I took a field where there are quite a few pill boxes from WWII. Not sure why there are so many, there is a waterworks nearby perhaps that is why?

The first image is central to the shot (horizontally at least). This is quite boring in comparison and is my least liked shot.

The second of the same shot is better, it is off centre and shows a little more the fact that it is in a big open space.

I don't particularly like the final image and this looks like it hasn't been framed at all well.

I think I also missed the trick here or moving the pill box vertically as well as horizontally, the following was a crop from another photo I took from a different angle which looks more pleasing, perhaps because of perspective and the distant tree line.

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