Saturday, 3 April 2010

Assignment 1: Nearly there

Last Thursday I spent the day in London with my camera and tripod. I went with lots of ideas and high expectations of taking the final photographs for assignment one. I started on London Bridge in the rush hour and soon lost my inhibitions of taking photos of people in public, a big step forward.

The camera starting playing up by lunch time and I thought I had drained the batteries, this really ticked me off. However after playing with it I found the fix and carried on.

On the train on the way home I looked at what I have taken and was a little disappointed. With high expectations I thought that I would not have enough good pics to submit for the assignment. However I was surprised when I loaded them up on the computer that not all of them were that bad, and I managed to get the full complement of 8 pairs along with a few pics I had taken earlier in the month specifically for the project.

Tonight I have spent 3 hours just cropping, framing, naming and printing the photo's on to A4 glossy paper and I am really pleased.

It is interesting that when I look at the photos I have chosen there is a lot of the elements I have learned through this exercise. Perhaps subconsciously I have learned more than I thought.

Tomorrow or Monday I will work on the accompanying text for the Assignment and get it sent off. For the next chapter I will not underestimate the amount of work required.

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