Monday, 8 March 2010

Project: Cropping and Extending

In the the last exercise of Part One we are asked to look at some of our existing images and crop them to make either better images or to possibly find images within them.

I always tend to use the cropping tool within photoshop, but I am learning fast to try and make that crop a better one through the view finder. For this exercise I went back to my raw files, which are unedited and selected three to demonstrate cropping an image.

In all cases I have shown the original image, then a view of what I will crop and then the final image.

In the first example I think that this is a fair attempt at making another image from the original. Although there is a lot a space around the main subject (the bee and flower), I think it works well, but cropping well into the photo also works and creates and entirely different feel to the image.

In the next example I took an image that I had overlooked, in its original framing it is not a great image to say the least, but I think I have brought it back to life at least a little in the final crop.

And finally, this image was one I like a lot. It was taken on holiday in France in an open zoo. I did originally crop this image the way I have done so here, this was for two fold. Firstly there is an unsightly blur of something (perhaps a persons jacket) that needs removing, secondly a tighter crop gives a much more vivid image. It is interesting that although the rhino's horn is out of shot it doesn't really matter, the image draws upon how sad the poor chap looks and feels.

I have always been a bit of a cropper, it is probably one of the most used tools I have in PS.If you look at my posting on 'Positioning the horizon' this also give s a reasonable image of extending the frame with multiple images.

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