Saturday, 13 February 2010

Project: Looking through the viewfinder Ex 1

In the exercise we are asked to find a subject  that we can photograph from all angles, up close and from a distance. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate how a photograph can change dramatically depending on the framing of the subject and the attention to detail that must be taken through the viewfinder before the shutter is pressed.

I chose a rather boring life ring. The first image is just a quick snap of the object demonstrating no thought for framing.

The second image was taken trying to fill all of the object into the frame with little no no gaps to the boarder. My first impression is that this makes for a more dramatic image with more detail and focus.

The following two photographs concentrate more on the ring than the post to fill the frame and to even zoom into the object within the frame to find new angles of perspective.
I really like this style of image, in the past I have always preferred zooming in on objects beyond the natural frame, I have noticed that many scenes in film also adopt this even with faces.

Understanding framing and making an interesting shot from a boring subject is something that I must concentrate more on....

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