Sunday, 28 February 2010

Project: Focal Lengths and different viewpoints Ex 2

For this exercise we are asked to take two photographs of the same object. The first photograph at a distance using a long focal length so that the object fills the frame and then to walk towards the object and take the second photograph with a wide angle lens, or short focal length, again so that it fills the frame.

I did this in two examples as I was not entirely happy with the first effort, though I have put it into the log for future reference.

In my first attempt I took at picture of a porch at some distance using a 200mm lens, then walking towards the porch I took the second picture  at 17mm. Although the two photographs show that the perspective has completely changed, I also realised after taking the shots that the angle of view form the camera had also changed. At distance it is easy to adjust the angle of the camera horizontal, but when I walked towards the porch rather than it being at eye level I was standing beneath it, I step ladder would have been good to have.

I do however like the second shot as it gives a greater feel of scale and depth whilst distorting the angles of the facia boards.

So after realising my mistake, and after waiting for the weather to break, I went out and took another two photographs, this time of an old bench to which I could get a similar angle of view.

Again these two images were taken at 200mm and 17mm and show very nicely how the angle of perspective has changed dramatically. In the second at 17mm, the bench appears elongated showing a much greater depth.

I like both images here. This has been a useful exercise for me and I feel that I am starting to learn when taken pictures that there is much to be considered in the subject and how it will appear in a photograph. I enjoyed this one!

Here is a great example of a close up taken of a slate wall in Edinburgh by dillspec at Flickr, he has some great images ....

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