Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Project: Dividing the Frame - Balance

In this exercise we are asked to comment on 6 photographs previously taken. These were evaluated for overall balance detailing the major parts of the image by sketching a 'weighing scale' showing the balance within each photograph.

The first image I used was taken in a Church in Scotland.

This image is symmetrical from the centre of the dome, with lines spreading out as shown. Although maximum symmetry is not obtained the over balance is pleasing to me, framed by the archway above. The rich red colour seeping in from the stained glass also centres the image to the top of the dome.

The following image I am not so sure about, the area of sea is quite dominating but I think balance between the land and the sky is balanced with the large cloud over the sea.

Overall though I think that the image is in balance

The following pictures of Notre Dame were taken at night in the rain, I chose this one for depth to balance out the frame.

To me the dominant part of the frame is the tower, however the large foreground with a leading line to the Tower helps to balance the picture very well.

Again in this image I think the balance is obtained with help from the background.

The large red bush on the left dominates the smaller  'feathered' plant in size and colour, but the background behind the smaller plant helps to balance out the overall image.

Finally, I chose an image I am really not sure about. The three umbrellas are more or less central to the photograph giving balance, but with hindsight it would have been better for the bridge to be central as well.

However  the roof in the background tends to tip the scales to the left, so maybe the overall balance is OK. Either way I am not happy with this and think it is too complex now, but works in a quirky way - all down to taste!

This exercise to me has proved to be very helpful, and something I had not considered in the past - certainly something not to be ignored.

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