Saturday, 13 February 2010

Project: Focal Lengths

This exercise explores the effect and relationship on an image through changing focal lengths, either through a zoom lens or through interchangeable lenses. For this exercise I shot images using my widest lens at 17mm and a zoom lens at 200mm at a local park.

The following image was taken across the lake at a focal length of 17mm capturing a wide range of the scene, including the boat house just off centre.

Using the far end of my zoom lens a similar view focusing in on the boat house (right) at a Focal Length of 200mm shows in detail the building.

Interestingly when I enlarge the first image taken at 17mm in the area of the boat house I get the resulting image below.

The quality of this image is not going to be the same as the number of pixels is significantly reduced, but it is remarkably to note that the two images are exactly the same in their perspective.

This shows that zooming in on an image does not change the perspective at all. This was something I had not considered before, I guess I just took it for granted

I am now looking forward to the exercise where we do change the perspective!

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