Saturday, 30 January 2010

Project: Focus - Focus with a set aperture

The objective of this exercise was to select a scene with a good depth of field, as the weather was poor I chose a number of toys lined up at an acute angle on a table. Using the camera’s widest aperture we were then asked to take two or three pictures focusing on different parts of the scene for each photograph. 

I took three photographs at f 2.8 focusing on the Red, Blue and Green blocks. Each photograph was taken at ISO100 with a shutter speed of 1 second.

I thought that the photograph above with the Red block in focus was the most pleasing image for two reasons. Firstly the Red block is the largest item in the image and as such tends to dominate it, when it is out of focus the image looks unbalanced. The second reason is that with the Red block in focus a natural line appears emphasising  the depth in the image giving it a greater perspective. 

When focusing on the Green block a similar feel to depth is obtained, but I feel that the big red blur in the front of the image is too distracting. 

For all pictures taken it is clear that the eye is automatically drawn to the area of focus.

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